If you need to lease warehouse space, consider if you'll need it to be climate controlled. If your inventory consists of food or medications, you'll definitely need to control the climate in the building. However, many other things do better in a climate-controlled warehouse if they'll be in storage for a long time. Here are some points to consider when deciding if you need a climate-controlled warehouse.

If Your Inventory Changes

If you never know for sure what kind of inventory you'll be storing from week to week, it's probably a good idea to have climate control in case you need it intermittently. Having climate control and not needing it is better than needing it and not having climate control. However, a climate-controlled warehouse costs more to lease, so you have to consider costs too.

If The Warehouse Is In A Harsh Climate

If the warehouse is in a climate with below-freezing temperatures in the winter or hot and humid conditions in the summer, you'll probably want climate control if you'll be storing your things for the long term. Temperature and humidity extremes are bad for a number of products. A climate-controlled warehouse controls both humidity and temperature. This is done with heaters and air conditioners. Humidifiers and dehumidifiers may be used if needed.

A climate-controlled warehouse keeps the humidity and temperature within a safe range for most materials. It doesn't necessarily keep the temperature constant, but it keeps it from wandering out of the safe storage zone. Some items may need a specific temperature and humidity, so be sure to find out the upper and lower limits for both humidity and temperature before you lease a warehouse.

If You Need To Store Food Regularly

Food storage is a common reason to lease a climate-controlled warehouse. If you'll store perishable food, you need a climate-controlled building. This keeps the food from rotting and climate control also helps keep bugs from taking over the unit. You'll probably want climate control for boxed food as well as produce.

If You'll Store Fabrics, Metal Appliances, Or Art

Quite a few products need climate control when they're stored for the long term. If the weather is mild and you only need storage for a month or two, temperature and humidity may not be a factor. If you store fabrics, wood, and fragile paintings for the long term, the climate will go through swings that could damage furniture, clothing, and artwork.

Rather than guess and have inventory ruined due to humidity or temperature extremes, consider getting a climate-controlled warehouse so you don't have to worry about your inventory.