If you are preparing yourself for a move, you likely have some concerns and are trying to get ready for the costs involved. You do not want to be surprised when it comes to your quote. This is why you need to know what factors could potentially affect your moving quote so that you can ensure you receive an accurate estimate from the get-go. Keep reading to learn some common things that could result in you paying more than you bargained for.

Packing Costs

Keep in mind that you are always paying the movers for their time. If you end up requesting that they pack your personal belongings, then they will require more time. Therefore, it makes sense that you can save money by packing your own items — or at least some of them — yourself. For larger items, you can save money by at least disassembling them so that the movers do not have to do it. If you have items that require special handling and/or packing, such as expensive artwork, you can expect to pay more.

Inadequate Access to Pick-up/Drop-off Locations

If your current or future home has limited access for a moving truck, such as due to a weak bridge, narrow road, etc., then the moving company is going to need to find an alternative way to get your personal belongings out of the home or into your new home. For instance, the movers may be able to use several smaller vehicles in order to get to the house, but if they do, this may require an additional fee.

Long Walking Distances or Stairs

You can expect the cost of your residential move to be higher if the movers have to carry your items a significant distance (such as over 50 feet) from the front door of your home to the moving truck. The same is true if there are multiple stairs or exceedingly long stairs.

Narrow Hallways or Doors

Some homes, such as older homes, are designed with narrow hallways and doors. If you have items that will not fit through your hallway or door, the moving company may need to use a rigger or other similar piece of equipment in order to hoist the items out of a window. If this is the case, then you are likely to be assessed a special hoisting fee.

These are just a few of the factors that can impact your moving estimate. To ensure that you receive an accurate residential moving quote, request an in-home estimate and make sure that your moving company is aware of all of the specifics surrounding your move.

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