When you are moving from place to place, there are always a few things that are trickier to move than others. If you definitely want these items to go with you and not end up in storage, you have to figure out how you can move them without some of the more common moving restrictions that some moving companies apply to these items. To get an idea of how to go about this, here are four things you can move with a standard cargo delivery service, which is often a separate and unique means of moving larger or more difficult-to-move items. 

Gun Safes

Despite the fact that these large, upright, fully locking safes keep things locked up tight inside, there are moving companies that ban people from using their moving vehicles to move gun safes. The legality of it varies, especially from state to state, and some moving companies do not want to insure their vehicles for the transport of these safes. Even if you are transporting the gun safes completely empty, you may have to resort to cargo delivery because of the restrictions by other moving companies and because of the size and weight of these safes. 

Upright Pianos

Upright pianos have to remain upright to avoid damaging the internal structures of the strings and hammers. While you may be able to fit these pianos on a larger moving truck, it is best to put a piano on its own truck with nothing else. Doing so ensures that the piano will not be struck by anything sliding around or falling down inside the moving vehicle. A cargo vehicle is best because these vehicles are lowest to the ground and easiest to load a piano onto. 

Large Entertainment Centers

By "large," it is meant that your entertainment center is floor to ceiling and typically covers almost twenty feet or more of wall space (lengthwise). This is something that may not fit on any of the usual moving trucks and which will not fit in most storage units. If you are planning on taking this massive piece of furniture with you, you will need the largest cargo delivery vehicle available. It will also require a number of movers to lift and carry this item unless it comes apart in two to four pieces. 


Maybe you have two Great Dane dogs, or maybe you have several cats that need to travel in their own vehicle rather than be placed in your personal vehicle or on a moving truck. As long as the animals are in crates or cages, they can be loaded onto a cargo vehicle. If the ride is especially long (i.e., more than three hours), you may want to include special instructions for the care of your animals during travel and on the delivery route.