Are you moving to a new home? Perhaps you are downsizing, or it maybe you realize that your family has outgrown your present home. For whatever reason you are moving to a different residence in your own city, you have probably given a lot of thought to the actual move. Have you ever in your life talked to anybody who says that he or she loves the moving process? If you know somebody who actually likes to spend hours going through belongings and packing things up, that person might be in the minority. Probably you have more often heard expressions like, I'm excited about my new house, but I'm not excited about the moving process. I hate moving! If you are on the latter category, from making a plan to finding a local mover, here are some ideas that might make moving day less painful.

Make A Plan - Consider taking time to actually write down a moving plan. For example, get out your calendar and mark the days that you will use for going through the house to get rid of things your family no longer wants or needs. When you have chosen the date, think of having a family meeting to explain that you'll need help on the designated organization days. Ask your spouse and your children to start thinking about things that they will want to keep with them on the day that things will be packed. For example, set aside a laundry hamper or another receptacle that is designated for things like a favorite stuffed animal, a favorite pillow, or anything else that should be packed along with other household items.

Moving Day - Since you are not moving to a different city, you may save some money if you find a local mover. Consider making a detailed chart of where you want your furniture to go when the movers take it to the new house. For example, make it clear that your denim upholstered sofa goes into the family room while your elegant sofa goes into the living room. Of course, you'll designate on the chart where those two rooms are. While you may want to take very special items with you, consider the fact that the packers and the movers have the experience to take very good care of even your most fragile objects. For example, if you have a beloved grandfather's clock, it will be treated with special care during the move.