If you have recently purchased a new home, then you may want to start packing and moving your things around as soon as possible. If you want to save money, then you may even try to move the majority of your items yourself. This is a wise choice, and you can move most things with your car, except for maybe your appliances. You can even move your mattress. If you want to attempt this and you only have yourself to work with until the professional household movers start on the bigger things, then keep reading to learn about some tips to help you. 

Find A Good Mattress Cover

The first step in preparing your mattress for a move is to remove all the sheets and bedding. Afterwards, purchase a cover for the mattress and slip it over the top. These covers are sometimes called mattress bags and they are typically made from clear polyethylene plastic. The plastic bags come in several different thicknesses with the thinnest ones around four mils. The thickness is similar to what you may see when purchasing plain plastic sheeting, and a four mil bag will be about the same thickness as a piece of paper. 

If you can, purchase a mattress cover that is a bit thicker than four mils. One that is 10 mils or about the thickness of a business card is best. Make sure the cover is also the right size for your mattress. While most people typically know whether their mattress is a twin, queen, or king size one, they often forget about thickness. Specifically, if you have a pillow top mattress, then buy a bag that is larger to accommodate this. Bags with handles on all four sides are helpful too.

Rent A Moving Cart

Since you will be moving your mattress on your own, you will need a device to physically move the mattress to your car. Hotels and other businesses have special carts for moving beds. While you may not be able to find a mattress moving cart, you can find something similar at your neighborhood home store. Something called a panel dolly will work well.

A panel dolly is a two-wheeled dolly with a large open space between the two wheels. Two high and sturdy steel barriers sit on either side of the space to brace the object being moved. The dollies are typically used to move things like drywall, plywood, windows, and other tall or wide objects. If you want to use the cart to move your mattress, then look for one that has large and wide pneumatic wheels. These will make the cart as sturdy as possible.

Also, make sure the space in between the platforms is just a bit wider than your mattress. This way it can be kept upright without bending too much. Some panel dollies are adjustable as well and feature t-screws that can be tightened to move the platforms in and out. 

Once you have the right cart, gently move your mattress into the platform space. Place the mattress in the device lengthwise so it can fit properly without tipping the dolly over. 

Tie Down The Mattress

The dolly will help you to move your mattress out to your car. You will need to push it up onto your roof once you get it outside. You can secure the mattress to your roof with the assistance of heavy duty rope. Both nylon and polyester types of ropes will work well. The best way to tie down your mattress is through your car windows.

Open the back two windows as well as the front passenger window. Loop the rope through the windows multiple times, creating an x with the rope. Do this so the rope overlaps at least four or five times. Tie the ends of the rope together inside your car. You are now ready to drive your mattress to your new home. Just make sure to drive slowly so the mattress does not come loose from the roof. If you decide that this isn't something you can do on your own, don't hesitate to reach out to professional movers.